How does PCS calculate and monitor carbon sequestration activities accurately?

PCS employs cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate monitoring and measurement of carbon sequestration activities. Our innovative SPE CarbonEngin software incorporates artificial intelligence components and multispectral algorithms to measure trees, even in challenging conditions such as areas with cloud cover. This advanced technology enables us to closely monitor project sites using satellite imagery, while drones and LiDAR assess the growth and health of the plantations.

To further enhance the reliability of our measurements, validation and verification activities for PCS projects are conducted by well-recognized third-party organizations. We are proud to offer the SPE CarbonEngin software as a valuable service to project developers working on nature-based initiatives for carbon sequestration. Access to this powerful tool will be available for a fee through the PCS portal when completing the Carbon Project Design Document (CPD), providing developers with an accurate and efficient method for monitoring their carbon sequestration efforts.

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